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About Company

The Badagoni wine company story starts in 2006 in the heart of Georgian wine-making - Kakheti region, village of Zemo Khodasheni. Through years we have enjoyed outstanding success with a range of site-specific local wines, that are among the best in Georgia. Following the unique Georgian traditions of winemaking and at the same time using the most advanced technologies and scientific knowledge existing in the wine industry, the company was growing year by year and today we can state rather boldly that Badagoni has the most advanced winery in the whole Eastern Europe.


We are proud of having own vineyards in every micro-zone of Kakheti region that enables us to produce high quality Georgian wines.


We are honored to introduce Dr. Donato Lanati as Badagoni major enologist. Dr. Lanati is listed among the world’s top five enologists and also owns the highest international award in winemaking – “Oscar del Vino”. Besides the professional work, Dr. Lanati is a huge supporter of the company and a true member of the Badagoni family.


Wide range of our products comprises steal wine, sparkling wine and Chacha. All of these products are made only from Georgian grape varieties. Among the wines of Badagoni there are the ones made with the Georgian traditional winemaking method and the ones made with the European winemaking method. One of the most special wines is Alaverdi Tradition,” which is made in the Alaverdi monastery wine cellar built in 9th century and restored with the support of Badagoni in 2006.


Badagoni owns unique production equipment produced by famous Italian companies "Bertolaso" and "enotec". Badagoni unique bottling line can produce 6000 bottles of steal and sparkling wine per hour while maintaining the same high quality, so, there does not exist any order that we cannot meet.


Badagoni is the place where unique Georgian traditions and the modern world meet each other and merge harmoniously and as a result enables us to produce great Georgian wine. Thus, we hope the story that started in 2006, will continue forever.


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