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Another triumphant victory of Badagoni In Europe

Badagoni, as the leader of the Georgian winemaking industry, continues to conquer triumphant peaks on various international competitions.


This time at one of the most prestigious international wine competition “CONCOURS MONDIAL DE BRUXELLES 2019“ Badagoni received the record number of awards – 3 gold medals!


The award-winning wines are Dry Red “Saperavi Reserve 2010”, Dry Red and Dry White “Kakhetian Noble”. We are proud to say that Badagoni has already received the status of the prominent worldwide wine brand. Within the last 4 years, on 43 different international competitions Badagoni has received 111 medals, half of which are gold medals.


“CONCOURS MONDIAL DE BRUXELLES 2019“ is one of the largest scale competitions - this year the number of participant wines went up to 10,000 wines from 46 countries. The competition boasts with the 25-year experience and the unique 100% objective and strict assessment of wines.


Among the competition jury were worldwide sophisticated enologists, the best wine specialists and critics. The competition is founded in Belgium, but it annually changes its location, this year the competition took part in Switzerland.


All three award-winning wines are created by the main enologists of Badagoni – Dr. Donato Lanati from the best grapes cultivated in the vineyards situated next to Alaverdi Monastery. Dr. Donato Lanati is listed among the Top 5 enologists of the world and he possesses the international winemaking award – Wine Oscar. All three award-winning wines already are worldwide favourites – within the last year “Saperavi Reserve 2010” has received 12 gold medals on various international awards.


Regardless the harsh competition on “CONCOURS MONDIAL DE BRUXELLES 2019“, Badagoni managed to get the best result, which is a huge motivation for the future successes. We congratulate Badagoni and Georgian wine supporters to this victory!

Badagoni was awarded with 3 Gold medals!

Badagoni Red wines “Saperavi Reserve 2010”, “Alaverdi Tradition” and “Kakhetian Noble” were awarded with the Gold Medals at the one of the world’s prestigious wine competitions “MUNDUS Vini” in Germany.


The above-mentioned competition is really huge - more than 10,000 different wines have participated in it this year. The jury was staffed by the worldwide famous professional enologists, sommeliers and wine experts.


So, Badagoni continues amazing of international experts and Georgian wine popularisation around the world.


We congratulate each and every supporter of Badagoni and Georgian wine!

Badagoni is among the best 100 wines of the world!

For the first time throughout Georgian wine history, in Australia, at one of the most prestigious Sydney International Wine Competition the honoured jury nominated Badagoni Dry Red “Alaverdi Tradition” among the top 100 wines of the world!


In the competition participated the wines from the most prominent wine-making countries and the jury was staffed with wine experts from Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, the USA, Canada, France and many more.


Sydney International Wine Competition has annually been taking place for almost 40 years now. Badagoni victory is truly a huge achievement, as competition assessment criteria and process is quite difficult. Each wine had to go through the several assessment phases.


Regardless the intense competition, Badagoni “Alaverdi Tradition” managed to receive the award of a winner. We congratulate each and every supporter of Badagoni and Georgian wine with this outstanding victory!

Badagoni Grand Victory!

At the biggest & most prestigious wine & spirits competition in China & Hong Kong – CWSA (China Wine & Spirits Awards) Badagoni have been awarded with the three Double Gold medals! 

This highest award have been given to the Badagoni Qveri & red premium quality wines “Alaverdi Tradition” and Badagoni Chacha. In the competition there were participating wine & spirits producer companies from 55 countries. The winners were selected based on blind test by the jury of 100 members, which represent the best sommeliers, wine and spirits experts and importers in China.


Double Gold – this is the highest award and the great recognition, that opens the doors to the various markets more widely for Badagoni and for Georgian wine in general. Congratulations to all the Georgians with this achievement!

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