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It is impossible to make high quality wine without fertile soil and proper micro-climate.  We are proud of having our own vineyards located in every micro-zone of Kakheti region - very heart of Georgian wine-making, 319 ha in total. 

Akhasheni 14 Ha

Alluvial, Strongly calcareous soil, ,78-83 % Clay texture, The organic matter(4) average content. Strong alkali-8.5, Slightly skeletal soil.

Micro zone - Akasheni
Grape variety - Saperavi

Mukuzani 17.5 Ha

Mukuzani zone is represented Meadow Brown, Alluvial soils. Alkali 7.99-8.33, Average or strong calcareous soils CaCO3=8.44-10.90% Distinguished skeletal.

Micro zone - Mukuzani
Grape variety - Saperavi

Kvareli 55 Ha

This soil is not carbonated. It is characterized by a weak alkaline reaction 7,5-7,7, Organic substances 3-3.8 totals. It has high quality wine-making potential of the material, strongly skeletal.

Micro zone – Kindzmarauli
Grape variety – Saperavi

Akura 18 Ha

The soil is characterized by a strong alkaline reaction 8,5, Strongly calcareous 10-12%, organic substances, high number of existence 2.5-2.8%. Average skeletal.

Micro zone - Tsinandali
Grape variety – Rkatsiteli

Alaverdi 117.5 Ha

Alaverdi adjacent 24 ha, 26 ha vineyard in the village of Alaverdi, Village khorkheli 30 ha, Village Magraani 28.5 ha, Village Magraani 9 ha.
These soils are characterized by a light mechanical composition, natural clay percentage 63-67% of these soils. Strong alkali soils in a reaction, which varies up to 8.43 from 8.54. Strong carbonate soils. Grafted onto rootstock of the carbonate-bearing, therefore the disease is out of chlorosis in soils (24,26,30 ha).

Characterized by organic substances with a high content 3.2-3.8. Meadow brown, alluvial soils.

Grape varieties: Alaverdi Temple-Saperavi, vill. Alaverdi-Saperavi,vill. Khorkheli-Saperavi,vill. Maghraani-Saperavi and Kisi,vill. Magraani, Head-Saperavi,vill. Alvani-Saperavi,vill. Ojio-Saperavi

Giorgitsminda 77 Ha

This soil is characterized by a weak alkali reaction, 8.32-8.40 %. Organic substance has a high then average 3.6.

Grape variety – Saperavi

Tokhliauri 20 Ha

Very strongly calcareous soils 25.77-27.55 The same situation as Khorkheli and Alaverdi nearby. Carbonates resistant rootstock is grafted vines because of the insured chlorosis. Organic substances more high then average 3.4-4. Soil solution concentration - alkaline reaction.

Micro zone - Manavi
Grape variety - Rkatsiteli and Kakhetian Mtsvane