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Alaverdi Monastery Cellar

Silhouetted against the backdrop of the Caucasus Mountains, Alaverdi Monastery is truly the heart and the soul of Kakheti and the whole Georgia. This imposing Orthodox Christian marvel situated at the river Alazani valley, dated back from the 9 th century, was the center of enlightenment with centuries long Georgian wine-making traditions.


Wine-making was an essential element of the Georgian monks’ regimen and during the frequent invasions the wine-making tradition was carried on in the monasteries. Not a long time ago, Georgian archaeologists digging at the site the Alaverdi Monastery unearthed a massive 11 th century wine cellar, containing more than 40 Kvevris, the remnants of the monastery’s glorious past.



In 2006 with the help of Badagoni the monastery wine cellar was restored and local monks at Alaverdi started making a very special monastic wine again. In their able hands the ancient Georgian traditional method of wine-making - Kvevri method is well anchored, for they treat it like a treasured gift from their ancestors.


In this very cellar there is created marvelous wines of Badagoni – “Alaverdi Tradition” Qvevri wine and the same named red wine, that is matured in monastery’s wooden casks. We are happy for the fact, that Badagoni was able to take part in the reconstruction and preservation of this unique ancestral tradition.


Tasting the Badagoni wine made in the monastery’s renovated wine cellar is like taking a bite out of the past.