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Badagoni wine company

The history of the Badagoni company begins in 2006, in the village of Zemo Khodashen in Kakheti region. The company's philosophy involves protecting and respecting the 8,000-year continuous tradition of Georgian winemaking, and at the same time, using the latest achievements and scientific knowledge available in the world of winemaking today, to create the best Georgian wine.

We can confidently say that Badagoni has the winery equipped with the latest technologies throughout Eastern Europe and is the leader in the export of Georgian wine. The company has its own vineyards in all microzones of the Kakheti region, and we are proud that Badagoni wine is made from only Georgian grape varieties.

The chief oenologist of Badagon company is the Italian Dr. Donato Lanatti - a person who is the owner of the international wine Oscar - "Oscar del Vino" and is among the top five oenologists in the world. Dr. Donato Lanati is a big fan of Badagoni and Georgian wine. Specially about Saperavi, his favorite grape variety, he says: "Saperavi has a strong identity, like no other wine in the world. The wine made from Saperavi is exceptionally velvety, has an intense ruby color, a charming aroma of red fruits and spices, a long and balanced finish. While tasting this perfect expression of nature, it is impossible not to feel very lucky. Such an important wine can only be the result of exceptionally well-kept vineyards and consistent, intelligent winemaking”.

Badagoni's range of products includes still wines, sparkling wines and chacha. It should be noted that all of them are made from only Georgian varieties of grapes. In Badagoni wines, you will find wines made by the traditional Georgian method, as well as by the European one.

We would like to highlight the fact that Badagoni Kvevri wines are made directly in the 11th century historical cellar of Alaverdi Monastery, which was restored by the Badagoni company in 2005. We are proud that our Kvevri wines are made in full compliance with the ancient Georgian tradition of winemaking in Kvevri, which is undoubtedly the reason why Badagoni Kvevri wines win the highest awards at all international competitions.


The factory line at the Badagoni winery was created especially for Badagoni by the Italian companies Enotec and Bertolaso. This truly unique bottling line can simultaneously produce 6,000 bottles of top quality still and sparkling wine in 1 hour.

In 2018, along with with winemaking, Badagoni company started to develop the direction of hospitality, which includes Badagoni Home restaurant chain in Tbilisi and Kakheti, Si Cherto bar-restaurant, Badagoni boutique hotel, Shuamta Information Gateway and the recreation area of Shuamta Gateway Park.


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