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Badagoni Winery

The place where grape is transformed into an excellent wine must to be special. This very idea was a cornerstone for the people who in 2006 founded “Badagoni” winery.


Badagoni owns two winerys on the Kakhetian fertile land - one is situated in Akhmeta region, village Zemo Khodasheni and the second one is in Sagarejo region, village Manavi. While constructing the wineries Badagoni management team was actively cooperating with the worldwide famous experts. The winery buildings, equipment and the laboratory fully meet the ISO standards.

It is to be mentioned, that Badagoni winery situated in Akhmeta is the one equipped with the most advanced technologies not only in Georgia, but in whole Eastern Europe. It is equipped with the newest and unique microfiltration and bottling systems, created and installed by the leading Italian companies “Bertolaso” and “Enotec,” exclusively for “Badagoni.” Both of them ensure food safety, exclude oxygen leak and prevent any contact with iron, that is vital for transmission of organoleptic characteristics into the wine. THese both systems of the winery represent the maximum of the technological possibilities existing throughout the world nowadays. Microfiltration of wines and bottle washwater runs in automatic mode. Wine goes through many filters, thus preventing ingress of any bacteria, yeast or microbes in the final product.


The equipment is manufactured especially for “Badagoni” with the direct supervision of Doctor Donato Lanati and it is prohibited to make its analogue. We transfer all the virtues of grape into the wine bottle while avoiding unnecessary manipulations. Following this approach, we create outstanding wines that gain international acknowledgement year by year.


Badagoni winery situated in Manavi village is also equipped with the advanced technologies. Its bottling line and other equipment are produced also by Italian companies and makes possible to process 250 tonnes of grape. Both wineries are equipped with the stainless steel enfolded reservoirs, vinificators and horizontal autoclaves. It allows us to run the fermentation and vinification processes on professional level and produce excellent wines and sparkling wines. Badagoni wines are matured in French oak barrels situated in a wine cellar clad with 300 years old Georgian bricks. Resuming all the above mentioned, we claim to be a winery respecting old Georgian traditions and at the same time having the most innovative approaches and passion for advanced technologies.


Laboratory analysis in “Badagoni” start with the soil and are applied at each step of winemaking. In order to get a perfect final product, every wine is a subject of detailed tests and examinations.

Factory’s facilities include the high-tech laboratory, equipped with the most advanced machinery of Anton Paar and Gibertini, pH meter, nephelometer, spectrophotometer, Babo refractometer, microscope, thermostat and box ultraviolet lamp. Various studies are held in the laboratory, including microbiological research and tartar and protein stabilization analysis of wine. The laboratory setting includes Oenofoss laboratory device, which can measure several parameters in a minute: sugar, alcohol, pH, volatile and total acidity and etc.


At the same time “Badagoni” cooperates with the leading international research center “Enosis Meraviglia” (Italy), lead by Doctor Donato Lanati. Final inspection of each product is made at the “Enosis” laboratory and only after that is placed on the shelf.