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It is impossible to make high quality wine without fertile soil and proper micro-climate. So, we are proud of having our own vineyards located in every micro-zone of Kakheti region - very heart of Georgian wine-making, up to 400 ha in total. According to the recommendations of Badagoni major enologist Doctor Donato Lanati, there is permanently conducted control and analysis of our vinyards as with the means of Badagoni local laboratory as well as International research centre "Enosis Meraviglia". Accurately cherished vineyard has the highest value for the wine-maker and is the first step towards making the good wine.


Micro zone - Akasheni
Grape variety - Saperavi

Alluvial, Strongly calcareous soil, 78-83 % Clay texture, The organic matter(4) average content. Strong alkali-8.5, Slightly skeletal soil.



Micro zone - Mukuzani
Grape variety - Saperavi

Mukuzani zone is represented Meadow Brown, Alluvial soils. Alkali 7.99-8.33, Average or strong calcareous soils CaCO3=8.44-10.90% Distinguished skeletal.



Micro zone – Kindzmarauli
Grape variety – Saperavi

This soil is not carbonated. It is characterized by a weak alkaline reaction 7,5-7,7, Organic substances 3-3.8 totals. It has high quality wine-making potential of the material, strongly skeletal.



Micro zone - Tsinandali
Grape variety – Rkatsiteli

The soil is characterized by a strong alkaline reaction 8,5, Strongly calcareous 10-12%, organic substances, high number of existence 2.5-2.8%. Average skeletal.



Characterized by organic substances with a high content 3.2-3.8. Meadow brown, alluvial soils.

Grape varieties: Alaverdi Temple-Saperavi, vill. Alaverdi-Saperavi,vill. Khorkheli-Saperavi,vill. Maghraani-Saperavi and Kisi,vill. Magraani, Head-Saperavi,vill. Alvani-Saperavi,vill. Ojio-Saperavi

Alaverdi adjacent 24 ha, 26 ha vineyard in the village of Alaverdi, Village khorkheli 30 ha, Village Magraani 28.5 ha, Village Magraani 9 ha.
These soils are characterized by a light mechanical composition, natural clay percentage 63-67% of these soils. Strong alkali soils in a reaction, which varies up to 8.43 from 8.54. Strong carbonate soils. Grafted onto rootstock of the carbonate-bearing, therefore the disease is out of chlorosis in soils (24,26,30 ha).



Grape variety – Saperavi

This soil is characterized by a weak alkali reaction, 8.32-8.40 %. Organic substance has a high then average 3.6.



Micro zone - Manavi
Grape variety - Rkatsiteli and Kakhetian Mtsvane

Very strongly calcareous soils 25.77-27.55 The same situation as Khorkheli and Alaverdi nearby. Carbonates resistant rootstock is grafted vines because of the insured chlorosis. Organic substances more high then average 3.4-4. Soil solution concentration - alkaline reaction.