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Badagoni gained the highest award - “Permanent Leader” status!
03 August 2018

Badagoni gained the highest award – status of “Permanent Leader” for its special contribution made into the Georgian wine segment and due to maintaining 1st place among Georgian wine companies for last 5 years considering the following criteria:

number of employees, average monthly salary of employees, management efficiency, turnover, economic activity. 

This important status and the highest award was given to “Badagoni” several days ago under the project implemented by the Swiss Rating Association and The Unity of National Business Ratings. It is not a secret that the export of Georgian wine has a record number of growth nowadays and Badagoni appears indisputable leader among the Georgian wine exporter companies. Badagoni has more than 600 employees and the company is among the largest tax payers. It is to be mentioned, that Badagoni wines are made exceptionally from the Georgian vine varieties and today Badagoni winery is the one equipped with the most advanced technologies not only in Georgia but in whole Eastern Europe. The contribution made by Badagoni to the winery sector is special and it aims at offering to the world the high-quality Georgian wine made with the synthesis of Georgian unique traditions and the most modern technologies. 

It is to be emphasized that The Unity of National Business Ratings operates at the international level and overs various countries. The organization makes observation of the companies considering the various criteria and reveals the leader based on the official figures.

Congratulations to the Badagoni wine lovers with this great success!