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Badagoni is among the best 100 wines of the world!

For the first time throughout Georgian wine history, in Australia, at one of the most prestigious Sydney International Wine Competition the honoured jury nominated Badagoni Dry Red “Alaverdi Tradition” among the top 100 wines of the world!


In the competition participated the wines from the most prominent wine-making countries and the jury was staffed with wine experts from Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, the USA, Canada, France and many more.


Sydney International Wine Competition has annually been taking place for almost 40 years now. Badagoni victory is truly a huge achievement, as competition assessment criteria and process is quite difficult. Each wine had to go through the several assessment phases.


Regardless the intense competition, Badagoni “Alaverdi Tradition” managed to receive the award of a winner. We congratulate each and every supporter of Badagoni and Georgian wine with this outstanding victory!

Badagoni Grand Victory!

At the biggest & most prestigious wine & spirits competition in China & Hong Kong – CWSA (China Wine & Spirits Awards) Badagoni have been awarded with the three Double Gold medals! 

This highest award have been given to the Badagoni Qveri & red premium quality wines “Alaverdi Tradition” and Badagoni Chacha. In the competition there were participating wine & spirits producer companies from 55 countries. The winners were selected based on blind test by the jury of 100 members, which represent the best sommeliers, wine and spirits experts and importers in China.


Double Gold – this is the highest award and the great recognition, that opens the doors to the various markets more widely for Badagoni and for Georgian wine in general. Congratulations to all the Georgians with this achievement!

One more glorious victory of Badagoni!

At the international wine competition “ASIA WINE & SPIRITS AWARDS 2018” held in Hon Kong, Badagoni wines "Alaverdi Tradition"(Qvevri wine) and "Alaverdi Tradition (Red)" were awarded with the Gold medals!

The competition has been held already for last 5 years. It jury unites the leading professional wine experts and sommeliers from the most advanced restaurants and hotels in Asia. There were reviewed up to 1000 wines from the leading wine-producing countries and so, Badagoni wines are among the best ones. 

Congratulations to Georgian wine lovers! So, Badagoni wines continue gaining admiration from the side of international jury and the Georgian wine popularisation around the world!

Chinese company takes a responsibility to invest 30 million dollars for a development of Badagoni Brand in China.

A founder of Badagoni – Giorgi Salakaia and its partner Chinese company CEO Lu Rong Ming have signed the document of a grand project, according to which the Chinese company takes a responsibility to invest 30 million dollars for a development of Badagoni Brand in China.


The project involves opening Badagoni Georgian Culture centres, Badagoni Premium Class show rooms and Badagoni Brand representative centres in multiple cities of China. We believe that this will dramatically increase the popularity and sales of both Badagoni and Georgian wine in the huge Chinese market.

It is worth mentioning that so far no other Georgian company has implemented that kind of project in Chinese market. The grand project implementation has already begun – Chinese partner company of Badagoni has already opened 5 Georgian culture centres in various cities, such as Beijing, Taijiu, Tianjin, Datong and others. The official ceremony of signing a contract was attended by a founder of Badagoni Giorgi Salakaia, Badagoni Partner Chinese Company CEO Lu RongMing, directors of the international organization of Chinese Arts, the honourable representatives of Chinese culture, the journalists of leading media channels and other honourable guests.


Badagoni founder Giorgi Salakaia and the Chinese business partner distributed official speeches. Giorgi Salakaia underlined several aspects, such as the role of Georgia as a cradle of wine, at international winemaking market the unique technology of Qvevri winemaking, which has been listed as an intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO since 2013 and a giant responsibility that Badagoni takes in order properly represent this unique treasure on an international level. Chinese partner has listed the advantages of a cooperation with Badagoni, such as using only Georgian grape varieties in producing wine; running the winery equipped with the most advanced technologies in the whole Eastern Europe and the fact that Badagoni Enologist is a world class professional. All of the above mentioned advantages make Badagoni brand as a guarantee of a high-quality wine. 


‘We are ready to invest in such high-quality brand, like ‘Badagoni’ and introduce Georgian culture and the best Georgian wine to Chinese people" – reported Lu RongMing.

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